Amazing Women in Canada’s History – Live on Stage. StoryFusion Cabaret! October 29, 2016

Upcoming Performances

  • Sat 27 Jan 8 p.m.

    StoryFusion Cabaret! Journeys to Canada from South and East Family Trees

    CSI Annex. 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto. Celebrating Canada 150.

    Bernice Gei-Ying Hune

    Telling Tales From Gold Mountain

    Born in Toronto, Bernice Hune retells folklore from China and creates new stories from Canada’s recent past.  She recalls elders speaking in Cantonese about the Head Tax, the Chinese Exclusion Act and their determination for social justice. Bernice shares this legacy of stories in performance. Fresh from university, she performed as an actor, and then co-hosted a CBC radio program. Her work in education as a visual artist and an arts educator is widely recognized, and it informs her storytelling.

    Njacko Backo

    The World Beyond My Village

    Starting from a very young age, Njacko Backo has been curious about the world. He was born into a musical family in a rural village in Cameroon, well isolated from the rest of the world. Despite grave warnings from his family that he would be eaten by cannibals, he was inspired to leave home at the age of 17 to explore, play music, and find his way to Europe. 15 years later, he arrived in Canada with a young family and has built a career as an award-winning professional musician and cultural ambassador for school-aged children in the GTA and beyond.


    Artistic Director, Heather Whaley. Co-directors, Backseat Balladeers.




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Amazing Women in Canada’s History – Live on Stage. StoryFusion Cabaret! October 29, 2016

Amazing Women in Canada's History @CSI TO @StorytellingToronto. October 29

Amazing Women in Canada’s History @CSI TO @StorytellingToronto. October 29

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